April 2013: Two Sites in Production

Since beginning of the month we’ve been working on two projects. We had a third, but there was a conflict in design style and website type between us and the client. Project has been since suspended. Most of the time we get it right the first time while in this rare first-ever case we didn’t. Anyhow, here’s two of the three projects that are currently in-production.

Lithuanian Foundation Inc.

Based in Chicago, IL (Lemont), the Lithuanian Foundation, Inc. is a registered Illinois not-for-profit foundation dedicated to preserving and fostering Lithuanian culture and traditions in the United States, Lithuania and Lithuanian communities worldwide. It is the largest Lithuanian non-profit organization in the world.

We successfully converted a drupal website into one that is operated by wordpress, which is a more reliable and user-friendly system in our opinion. Site features numerous informational pages, news feeds, and a modern contemporary design that will never feel out-dated. We are currently finishing its Lithuanian-language sister site.

Official release date will be sometime in the next 7-10 days.


FishDevilsLake.net – Mitchell’s Guide Service

Mitchell’s Guide Service is North Dakota’s Lake Region largest, busiest, and most respected summer guide service. It is a staff comprised of eight professional guides who use a teamwork approach to catch fish. Mitchell’s Guide Service wants you to experience the finest fishing Devils Lake has to offer. By operating clean, comfortable and safe boats, and by using the best equipment in the industry.  Their knowledgeable and professional guides will make your fishing experience as pleasurable and memorable as possible.

Project is currently in-production and will be officially released around Monday, April 22nd. We are re-designing an old, outdated html website from 2007 into a modern-day CMS style website that features all of the information, easy-access, and online reservation features that a modern-day guiding website should feature. We’ve also designed them a new logo as seen at upper left corner. If you are a fishing guide, industry professional, or someone in need of a site like this or all others we’ve built for fishing, give us a call!


We are currently accepting projects for the months of May, June, and July 2013. May and June weeks are scheduling fast. Be sure you’re one of them!

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