Just Look.

Going beyond designing websites, we are proficient in creating stunning and memorable brand identities for our clients. Everything we produce for you, down to the business cards in your back pocket, will allow for an integrated marketing approach that leaves a lasting impression on your customer base. We have a diverse body of work, including: logo designs and branding; print media such as business cards, flyers, advertisements, banners, and press kits; layout & editing for print and online media publications, and video production. Any or all of these services can be a part of your experience with us.

We put considerable effort into our brand identity and graphic design services, striving to bring consistency to your brand. By integrating your website, logos, and print materials, we help you build your brand identity through our thoughtful and creative graphic design services. You put in the effort to make your business work, trust our graphic design business to allow your message stand apart from the rest. RagasMedia will make the difference for your business.

We specialize in developing compelling copy that together with targeted visuals can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your investment. We are part of a new breed of print collateral designers that take usability to the next level. Our designs quickly tell your story, prove your credibility and ignite viewers into taking action!


Commissioned Creations

We can plan a wide range of print and graphic solutions for you, from logo creation to a total corporate image. Large and small projects equally benefit from our art and design expertise to develop a unique message.


Logo Designs & Branding

Logos have been designed for emergent as well as already established companies.


Advertisements & Printed Media

Promotional materials for products, brands, and services. Posters and advertisements created for online and print media.


Film & Video Production

Designs consist of DVD covers, CD covers, and graphics used for a variety of productions.


Layout & Editing

Covers, layouts, and spreads made for clients with online and print publications.


Fishing-Headquarters Magazine Covers

Fishing-Headquarters Magazine was established in fall, 2010. Shown is an assortment of covers from their inaugural 2011 season.


Magazine Spreads & Layouts

Layouts and Designs from our sport fishing publication.


Undergrad Projects

An assortment of projects made while in the classroom at Loyola University Chicago. Two years worth of an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communication.