Website Design Like No Other

Your website is your vital identity in the universal online marketplace. RagasMedia ensures your powerful Internet presence with web design comprising imagination, functionality, simplicity, and technological savvy for strong impressions and total ease of use. We can develop an attractive and effective web site for your business or you personally. From site creation to e-commerce, we design, develop and deploy your online face, and open the channels of interactive communication.

RagasMedia works with all sizes of companies in every industry, and individuals who want a partner to make their online presence unique and visually appealing. By combining the latest in web technology and an in-depth analysis of goals to be achieved, RagasMedia designs websites that meet your needs and fit the criteria.

Learn Our Unique, Successful Web Design System

RagasMedia combines creative graphic design, advanced organizational and visual communication, and search engine optimization expertise to help your organization achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. RagasMedia has the knowledge and experience to make your business stronger, communicate better, and operate faster than the speed of the internet.

A Website is the Most Valuable Investment You Will Ever Make!

Your website is the most valuable investment your company will ever make. When built successfully, a website will pay for itself with an immediate return of investment.

We are reliable and have happy long-term clients to prove it. We want your website to make you more money, expand your reach, and be useful for the next handful  years to come.

Website Design Process

Initial Consultation

Most of our communication occurs by telephone and e-mail where we will define the scope of the project and explore the client’s vision and goals. We will meet with Chicago area customers if convenient and my work schedule allows. For long-distance clients who are located elsewhere in the United States, frequent teleconferences and e-mail communication occurs. Anything is possible for any project, as we have clients located in faraway places such as Boston, MA, and Los Angeles, CA, and internationally throughout Canada.

Following reviews and analysis, we supply client with a project quote form and website plan. Before start of project, we provide an agreement to terms sheet to understand all design expectations and requirements, which shall be signed and returned in order to begin.

Custom Design and Layout Selection

Our websites are built in custom layout formats and design styles. Since the layouts of content managing software is template-based, our designs can be constructed from scratch, and from pre-built formats we have creative licensing to. We have hundreds of thousands of layouts available on file. However we choose to build your website, our design for you always fits the parameters of each layout.

Each website we build is built according to the client’s ideas, their business and industry requirements, and our input that is geared to success. Our designs are often inspired from the client’s marketing objectives and target markets, mission and ideas, supplied media and contents, and their industry requirements and specifications.

Content Integration and Customization

Once all information and ideas are gathered, we begin building the website using content supplied by the client. Based on your requests and the information you provided me about your site requirements, we’ll begin by first installing the operating software and configuring all of its functions. Then we proceed with building the layout and designing the homepage. The look and feel of that will be reflected in all of the website’s secondary pages.

During the design process, you’ll be able to view a live version of the site. Throughout this process additional ideas and website functionalities may be installed and included onto the website if recommended to the client (such includes e-mail systems, photo galleries, discussion boards, blogs, etc). When initial design is completed, we will notify by phone call or e-mail requesting for final review and revisions.

Website Enhancements and Testing

Throughout the design process, we work closely with the client to make enhancements to the content layout and site structure. We also engage in extensive testing and editing throughout this phase to ensure all functionality is meeting our high level of performance.

After being presented with the final design, we will allow revisions. But please remember that you will be billed for this extra time. You can request font changes, color changes, layout changes, additions or subtractions.

As design and web production is a time based service industry, my time is valuable as is yours. This revision process can go on indefinitely, and in order to complete your site within our agreed-upon time frame and budget, decisions eventually have to be made. Having to revise and create multiple versions of the same website becomes a hassle and may be a waste of time. This is called “Scope Creep” in the corporate world. The process has to have a defined start and end point or it could go on forever. I want your site to match your needs and I want you to be entirely satisfied with it, just as I need to be able to finalize the design and move on to other crucial steps in the design process in order to complete it within the specified time period and within my schedule. This is why your being available to review steps in the process during our agreed-upon time frame is critical.

Your Website Is Ready to be Released

Following the completion of the design, the client approves the website for public launch. Following site launch, we scan and review our work to make sure there aren’t any bugs to fix, and that the finished product and all of its features are working.

We then submit the final invoice.

Continued service, monthly maintenance and software updating is available upon request.

Training and Support

Following release, we schedule an online introductory training session with you. During this phone call, you will be given an overview of the website, its administration panels, and learn to manage your website.

Web tutorials will be furnished. We are available for instruction 24/7.

Transforming The Online Experience For Clients and Their Customers

We transform the web experience for you and your business, customizing a website that is both unforgettable and effective. The design and development RagasMedia has a wealth of experience.

Making the project stress free for you, and easy on your budget is what we do best. We put forth the effort to understand your ideas, goals, requirements and needs, message, and your target market to develop an approach and design that best suits your needs. With your content leading the way we will make the most of our skills and web design services to build an incredible visually stunning platform tailored for your business and individual requirements. We will build remarkable layouts that successfully convey your message to customers and visitors.


Reasons to Partner With Us

Our Website Design Will Help You...

  • Convey a professional corporate image
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Maintain a consistent corporate identity
  • Have a visually appealing website utilizing the “less is more” minimalist design concepts
  • Instill customer confidence
  • Increase your online reach and web traffic
  • Help generate more business
  • Build trust and dependability

Our Website Design Service Delivers...

  • Project guidance
  • Content building and copy editing
  • Website hosting referrals and options
  • Powerful website management tools
  • Content managing systems
  • Email accounts, campaigns and newsletter system creation
  • Marketing design and logo design
  • Websites built in HTML5, CSS, PHP and JQUERY
  • Software, tools and features to make your website succeed
  • Monthly technical support and maintenance

Our SEO Practice Empowers You to...

  • Position yourself ahead of the competition
  • Be relevant in online searches
  • Enhance the visibility of your organization
  • Promote your products and services
  • Place your business high in the rankings of online searches
  • Expand to new markets