Project Description

Client: Tinley Park Fishing Show
Website Link: http://www.tinleyparkfishingshow.com
Location: Tinley Park, Illinois
Website Type: CMS WordPress
Industry: Fishing and Outdoors; Tradeshows and Conventions; Events
Date Completed: August 27, 2016
Designer: Andrew Ragas

Website Features: Mobile friendly and responsive web browsing; Events calendar; Social media integration; Dynamic layout; High-resolution photography and imagery; E-mail contact forms; Informational pages; Google maps; Custom graphics and CSS stylesheets.

The Challenges

Tinley Park Fishing Show is a long time client of ours and we’ve been managing their website since 2011 when we constructed their previous website with HTML software. The old site served its purposes and was a custom design of its own prior to the evolution and improvements of WordPress. In winter 2016, we suggested to show coordinator Rich Komar that it’s time to modernize and update the website, and build with new software that could sustain itself for the next several years. The website re-design project was underway in August 2016.

The goals of this project was to primarily address the lack of dynamic and responsive page browsing, and to simplify the site maintenance and page updating. The old website was incapable of re-sizing itself to fit the screens of mobile phones and tablets. The new layout we selected addressed that need. Second, an easier system for website maintenance was needed; wordpress and its content management system allows this. Last, the layout needed to encompass and include important features and informational sections that are common with most events, conventions, and tradeshow websites. The layout we built has everything and an amazing new website was constructed within a few days of work!

We enjoyed building and now browsing this website, and it’s one of our favorites. Fishermen and outdoorsmen in the Chicagoland region will now enjoy this brand new and engaging website as well!