RagasMedia Praised in In-Fisherman Magazine

In May 2014, our clients at Stankx Bait Company were interviewed by the staff of In-Fisherman Magazine. Our work with Stankx Bait co. in developing them one of the best tackle retail websites in the fishing industry received praise and rave reviews by the editors.

Story published by Ned Kehde on May 16, 2014.


Stankx Bait Company of Portage, Michigan, has a wowee-zowee website, designed to catch the eye of anglers who scrutinize the Internet in search of state-of-the-art soft-plastic baits. And we readily confess that it caught our eyes straightaway.

The website was created by Andrew Ragas of Chicago and RagasMedia. According to Travis Crosman of Portage and proprietor of Stankx, he has been working with Ragas since the birth of Stankx in 2009. From the beginning, their aim has been to make it easier for anglers to acquire the soft-plastic baits that they need. What’s more, the website allows Crosman, who is blessed with an engaging personality, to specialize on what he calls a “personal one-on-one service” with anglers. By relying on the website, Stankx doesn’t spend money on advertising, and they pass that savings to the angling world. These savings, as well as their one-on-one service, allows Stankx to manufacture unique soft-plastic baits that Crosman says are more durable and effective than the baits that the “big-name companies” manufacture.



Since winter, we’ve built half a dozen new websites for clients in the hunting, fishing, and outdoors industry. Now into summer, we remain busy with helping our new partners who have businesses in this field. If interested in our services, we invite you to view our portfolio and see our extensive body of work.

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