The following statements are a true testament to our excellent quality of work. We pride ourselves on customer service and dedication to all projects. Below is some of the good word professed by our clients and friends whom we have serviced.


Thanks to Andrew’s hard work, our website has gone from a novelty item to a useful business tool. For years, our website was merely a reference to add to our business card and letterhead. With Andrew’s help, our customers and potential customers can easily access our product information.

“Our website redesign was a large project. Andrew has the creative talent and technical ability to handle a large job. He also provided us with multiple options and was patient with our decision process. I highly recommend hiring Andrew to improve your company’s internet presence.”

Scott Rieder

Sales & Marketing Manager

Lowell Corporation – West Boylston, MA, USA


 We loved working with Andrew. He did the job in less than one full week what we had been trying to accomplish for a year and a half. And he’s willing to make changes. He seemed to understand our needs and I think our website looks 1,000% better and easier to use. Plus, the information is more accurate. We could never get it right with the other people. It was an uphill battle. Andrew was a dream to work with. In a few months, we won’t be able to afford Andrew, but he was more than reasonable.”

Sharon Williams

Idaho Falls, Idaho Fishing Headquarters is designed better than most other Chicagoland fishing websites. The layout is easier to navigate and just plain easier to use. Posting images is also far less complicated. Also the colors and overall design of the site is easy on the eyes and easy to read. Technically speaking I love the site. As for members, the site is even better. It is full of people who love to fish. FHQ is not just about “hey look what I caught” or “I am the best fisherman ever”. FHQ is a way to share techniques, learn, and develop as an angler. I have personally met a handful of guys from FHQ and would share a day on the lake (or pond) with any of them.”

Chris Loveless

Chicago, Illinois



WOW the new Angler911 website looks great! By the way, do you ever sleep?!? Andrew, I have to thank you for all of your hard work, time, and effort in the design and for working with me on this. Also, thank you for understanding that this is not a personal site and for waiving your fees.”

Brent Beckwith

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Co-founder of non-profit charitable organization,


We contracted with Andrew Ragas to rebuild our website which was increasingly crowded and difficult to use, even for those of us who were managing it. He delivered the product on time, on budget and to our specifications while exceeding our expectations on visual presentation. Ragas Media proved to be flexible when we requested changes post- construction. Both staff and members of the DRSCW have been very happy with the results.”

Stephen McCracken

Projects Manager
DuPage River Salt Creek Workgroup


 Andrew Ragas has gone above and beyond! The Sims-Spinner site has become an excellent resource for our company! Every page is very user friendly and gives our clients and customers very easy access to our products and information. I wouldn’t know what I would have done without Andrew!  His “Hands-On” Style will always keep him busy working for us. He is part of the family now. Our hats are off to Mr. Ragas for a job WELL DONE!”

Dan Sims

Sims Spinners Inc.


 Ragas Media has made my business grow into what it is today. Andrew’s attention to detail and an eye for what sells, has boosted my sales on all levels. Ragas Media has been nothing but professional from the start. His knowledge of what the people want and how to make it it into a platform that will be visually appealing yet user friendly has kept me coming back time and again. was built from scratch with no vision except for Andrew’s alone. His artistic creativity proved to me that I could feel confident and secure in letting him take the lead on artistic control. He has never came up short on the quality of work I was looking for and that will keep me coming back as well as referring any work I can to Ragas Media.” Andrew Ragas and FHQ has taught me a great deal about multi species techniques and community. His dedication and scrutiny of all of his work is second to none. Andrew has created my website from the ground up and has been a crucial part in helping spread the word through the community. It is a comfort to know that the infrastructure of my company was built and maintained by not only an accomplished website designer, but a skilled angler as well.”

Travis Crosman

Stankx Bait Company


 Andrew, not fully understanding the technical means of running a website, it was good to work with you. I appreciate the patience with helping me learn how to run the site. I hope that in the future we can work on another project from start to finish. You were very fast in getting the site changed over and running. Thank you.”

Don Loch

Professional Walleye Fisherman
2010 FLW Tour Rookie of the Year


 Not having any idea on how do build a web site but knowing what I wanted in it, I went out searching for someone who could rebuild ours who has the same knowledge, understanding, and vision, as we did in what we wanted for our site.  Andrew not only did that for us but took it to a level we never expected.”

Rich Komar

Show Manager
Tinley Park Fishing Show


  I know nothing about web site development and started asking around to get recommendations on a provider.  We were given Andrew’s name and had him do our very first website.  The price was very reasonable and Nancy and I were very happy with it.  Just recently Quilts-n-More decided to completely overhaul our web site.  We again talked to Andrew, sent him the information and he had the new site ready in about a weeks time!  We really like the work Andrew has done for Quilts-n-More and will continue to use his talents in the future!”

Steven Pracht

Managing Partner


  I found that Andrew is quite the visionary when it comes to website design and implantation.  Andrew and I had several conversations regarding my website, Although I had somewhat of a vision of the end result of the web site in mind, the end result of his was nothing short of amazing. I was amazed at how Andrew showcased my products and company logo. Andrew is 100 % dedicated to the needs of his clients and will go out of his way to accomplish the objectives. I want to thank Andrew for his professionalism and creativity, but most of all having the ability to absorb  the visions from his clients through conversations and implementing his vision into a creative web site showcasing and reflecting our products and creativity. Andrew, thank you again for the help in showing me how to manage the web site, as I once again meddle in websites, which is something I have little knowledge of. I am sure I will be sending “How do I fix this” emails!”

Andrew Thiesse



Stankx Bait Company of Portage, Michigan, has a wowee-zowee website, designed to catch the eye of anglers who scrutinize the Internet in search of state-of-the-art soft-plastic baits. And we readily confess that it caught our eyes straightaway.

The website was created by Andrew Ragas of Chicago and Ragas Media. According to Travis Crosman of Portage and proprietor of Stankx, he has been working with Ragas since the birth of Stankx in 2009. From the beginning, their aim has been to make it easier for anglers to acquire the soft-plastic baits that they need.”

Ned Kehde

Staff – In-Fisherman Magazine


Hey buddy,  you might not get this too often,  but thanks for such a great job on my website.  The last few months since it came online,  everyone has been mention how awesome it is.  To see info,  pics, gps info,   the videos especially, all great things.  If a new fisherman calls me and part of his conversation is about how great the website is,  that’s tremendous. I have been hearing that since it came online, three times today!!  If every any of your potential clients ever need a reference on the great work you do,  just have them contact me,    Cheers and thanks again,  Tom”

Tom Pearson

Owner – Camp Narrows Lodge, Rainy Lake Ontario