Winter Break 2013

Since end of November we’ve been doing more strategy and planning than actual design. Some of our latest works will be released in early January and here they are……. By the way, we work during the holidays. Work hard now so that we can play harder later.

Prairie State Conservation Coalition

Prairie State Conservation Coalition is a non-profit organization created to assist conservation land trusts, land owners and communities in their efforts to protect land and water resources in Illinois. They are involved with overseeing Land Trusts; Land Preservation; Watershed Protection; Education; and Sustainable Development throughout the state of Illinois…… A huge deal.

For this project, we re-designed a severely out-dated HTML website into a fully custom and easy to maintain WordPress CMS. We built a corporate styled layout, implemented our own graphics, and manipulated and wrote our own CSS stylesheets. Website features informational pages, contact forms, dynamic mapping software, and a visual presentation that represents their mission and objectives.

NEW website will be released during the first week of January, 2014.



Stankx Bait Company

Stankx Bait Company manufactures custom soft plastic fishing lures for bass fishing. Their products are the brainchild of a select group of anglers. A group that was tired of the same old colors, the same old names, and the same old prices.

RagasMedia has been in charge of Stankx Bait Co’s website, media & marketing operations and management since its inception in 2009. This latest design is our third-generation website, and will be replacing a fully custom HTML website that was built in January 2012. While design of old website was still very good and legitimate within the fishing industry, we wanted to improve upon the brand’s website functionality, online ordering, web marketing, and user experience.

This new website is based off of a WordPress content management system and incorporates custom CSS stylesheets, graphics, and a stunning visual user experience that will make online ordering seamless. Best of all, e-commerce and infotaining content have never worked or looked so good together.

NEW website will be released during the first week of January, 2014.


Besides these two featured projects, we are also booked with two other clients for early January: Corcoran Homes Inc., and a ma’ and pa’ bakery shop – both from Chicago’s west suburbs.

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