Project Description

Client: Cargomaxx Logistics, Inc.
Website Link:
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Website Type: CMS WordPress
Industry: Logistics & Shipping, Transportation Industry
Date Completed: July 24, 2017
Designer: Andrew Ragas

Website Features: Mobile friendly and responsive web browsing; SEO priority on every page; Dynamic full-screen layout; High-resolution stock photography and imagery; E-mail contact forms; Quote request form, Google maps; Informational pages and web content; Logistics & transportation industry design and layout style; Custom design catering to branding & marketing campaigns; Content management system; Custom graphics and CSS stylesheets;

Learn About the Client

Cargo Maxx Logistics, Inc. helps customers ship and transport goods & cargo, from point A to point B, anywhere in the continental 48 states. Based in Chicago, IL we are industry leading logistics specialists. They provide solutions to the shipping industry’s most challenging problems through innovative technology, hyper-specialized services, and an agile team who adapts to the evolving needs of customers. Based in the Midwest shipping hub of Chicago, IL, Cargomaxx Logistics has developed a sophisticated over-the-road network in the continental 48 states.

The Challenges

In June 2017, we were referred to a small upstart company located in Elk Grove Village, IL, who was requesting logo design, and re-designing its website. We reached out to Cargomaxx Logistics’ president, drew up comprehensive plans for a combination logo design and website design project, and an assignment was quickly underway.

For the Cargomaxx Logistics plan, we were to design a logo first. After drafting 10 concepts and proceeding with the revision process, we completed phase-1 of the project and finalized a logotype that represents the company and its industry. After completion of logo, we were tasked to complete a new website within budget, and in under 30 hours.

Prior to this project, Cargomaxx Logistics, Inc. didn’t have much of a brand identity, or internet presence. Within a week we were able to design their new logo, and re-design the website, that was formerly a broken down HTML website with dead links and imagery. Our goal was to construct a dynamic, engaging, and responsive website whose layout and graphics were consistent with the logistics and transportation industries, and works with Cargomaxx Logistics’ newly designed brand identity.

For our website design, we based our color scheme on Cargomaxx’s official colors of red, black, and white. We produced homemade graphics with aid of stock photography and elements created in photoshop. The new website’s layout and design was to be minimal (less is more), in which text and wordiness is kept low. Major emphasis was on page scrolling and simple navigation and that service requests are easy to perform. Everything on this new website, down to the page graphics, readability, and imagery is sharp and attractive. Our goal of designing a new company’s website to represent the shipping and transportation industry was a major success.