Project Description

Client: Lithuanian Research and Studies Center
Website Link:
Location: Chicago, IL
Website Type: CMS WordPress
Industry: Non for profit; Educational Institutions; Museums; Scholarly
Date Completed: Friday, December 02, 2016
Designer: Andrew Ragas

Website Features: Mobile friendly and responsive web browsing; Dynamic layout; High-resolution photography and imagery; E-mail contact forms; Shopping Cart and E-Commerce; Informational pages; Google maps; Database and online web searches; Informational pages and archival information; Content management system; Multi-language website in English and Lithuanian; Custom graphics and CSS stylesheets.

Learn About the Client

The Lithuanian Research and Studies Center, Inc. (LRSC)in Chicago, USA, is a public, non-profit corporation. The Center is the largest scholarly archive and book publisher outside of Lithuania. The LRSC is supported by donations and by the Lithuanian Foundation. The Center was established in 1981 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Illinois in 1982.

The goals and objectives of the LRSC are to collect, compile, and foster Lithuanian heritage and archives, to research the housed materials, to publish both academic articles and books, and to organize exhibits through which the public is familiarized with the existing wealth accumulated at the LRSC.

The Challenges

In September 2016 we were contacted by Lithuanian Research and Studies Center, a non-profit organization located in Chicago, IL, requesting service to re-design its out-dated and poorly functional website that was built with HTML sometime in the early 2000’s. The request was to create a visually stunning and modern, minimalist and easy to read website to showcase archived information and scholarly articles – with major emphasis on site functionality and usage. Another objective was to improve content managing and publishing for LRSC staff, as their old outdated HTML system was time-consuming and overwhelming. WordPress and its user friendly content managing system alleviated these burdens for LRSC staff and website administrators.

The new layout we selected is a personal favorite of mine for non-profit groups and organizations, and is one that I’ve worked with closely since 2014. The layout accommodates visual engagement, text and informational organization, and ease of navigation and usage. It is mobile friendly and responsive, and built to withstand the changing landscapes of the internet for the next several years.

For over a month, we were involved in daily operations and design of new site. We began the project with construction of its English language website. Following completed translations into Lithuanian language, we then proceeded to construct the Lithuanian language site. A wonderful rustic color scheme and visual engagement, coupled with ease of navigation and site functionality to allow a quality user experience for the purposes of research and studies, we are pleased to release this new website that was a major responsibility and undertaking for us as one of the largest projects we’ve ever had.