Project Description

Client: The Conservation Foundation, Inc.
Website Link:
Location: Naperville, IL
Website Type: CMS WordPress
Industry: EPA, Government Agency, Conservation, Foundation Website, Science & Data
Date Completed: September, 2017
Designer: Andrew Ragas

Website Features: Mobile friendly and responsive web browsing; SEO priority on every page; Dynamic full-screen layout; High-resolution stock photography and imagery; E-mail contact forms; Google maps; Informational pages and web content; Custom design catering to branding & marketing campaigns; Content management system; Custom graphics and CSS stylesheets; Informational pages; Image Galleries; Maps and Data.

Learn About the Client

The Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. We provide local coordination to address water resource concerns based on science. Our analyses of habitat, biological and chemical data identifies stressors to aquatic life, and guides the Coalition’s ecologically and economically sound approach to restore stream health.

Our mission is to bring together a diverse coalition of stakeholders to work together to preserve and enhance water quality in the Lower DuPage River and its tributaries.

The Coalition completed a watershed based plan for the Lower DuPage River Watershed in May of 2011.  We adopted bylaws, elected officers and formally incorporated in February of 2012.  Membership dues and assessments fund our comprehensive bioassessment monitoring program and staff to coordinate data collection and analysis, project identification and implementation, communication and collaboration throughout the watershed.

The Challenges

The Conservation Foundation has been a customer of mine for over 10 years. We have partnered together on several website-based projects, collaborations which includes artwork, graphic design, photography for data presentations, and website design for many of their media and web properties that are used as informational and data sources for the various watersheds and non-profits they manage and coordinate throughout Northern Illinois.

In summer 2017, I was contacted to re-design the old website for, an informational based website pertaining to the Du Page River watershed and ecosystem of Du Page and Will Counties in Illinois. The watershed group works on ecological and water quality restoration projects on the Du Page River; with other conservation groups, as well as the government and Illinois EPA.

The old website was an outdated HTML website we built in spring 2011, that served its basic purposes for data storage, and as an archival source. While the old site worked great temporarily, it eventually grew into a burden as the internet landscape had changed such rapidly in immediate years after. It was a difficult website for the organization to maintain due to HTML being outdated, not having the necessary web programs to update and upload HTML pages, and the time-requirements it took in order to do so. Another issue was the old website’s lack of mobile-friendliness and page responsiveness.

The group requested an informational and imagery based WordPress website that focuses on broadcasting monthly events such as programs and meetings, and to be used as an information source for all of its civic and individual memberships. The WordPress theme we designed with addresses all needs and requirements, and is very responsive on all screen devices. The WordPress CMS allows the group to edit and maintain their website weekly, and to broadcast news and events in real-time to their members and web visitors.

Website design was completed in September, 2017.